Got Frac Tank Problems?

Got Frac Tank ProblemsFrac Tanks are huge. This poses a problem when trying to heat them or protect them from the cold. With our custom solutions at Powerblanket®, no heating problem is too big. When asked about the benefits of heating frac tanks, Joel Fillion, Vice President of Engineering, said:

The benefits of heating the frac tank, include greater productivity and efficiency by increasing the viscosity of the contents, whether the contents are water, water with additives, or oil. Standard spray-foam insulation methods are expensive and lack the ability to transmit heat to the product.

Working in a Hazardous Location?

Safety is the top priority with those working in hazardous locations. Because we also value safety, our frac tank heating systems are available for areas designated as CID2  T4.

Here is an idea of what it looks like to protect and heat your Frac Tanks with Powerblanket custom products:


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