Repair Wind Blades With Even Heat Distribution?

Wind blade on the groundThere are many ways you can fix or repair damaged wind blades in the field.  An effective and efficient method is to use blanket heaters to cure epoxy patches over the damaged parts of the blade.  Heating blankets with patented GreenHeat Technology™, are a critical component of the epoxy curing process. Blanket style heaters use even heat distribution to cure the epoxy patch work quickly and easily and help to eliminate the huge financial burden of replacing an entire wind blade.

There are several different wind blade servicing companies that offer epoxy patch repair work.  After locking the blades in place, there are two ways to perform the repair. Options one requires the repairman to repel from the windmill while performing the repair. The second option is to use a piece of equipment that they stand on to help support them during the repair process.

Work like this has been done for several years now, and more recently, these companies have discovered that the epoxy patches cure stronger if heating is applied evenly across the blade with heating blankets.  Through trial and error, they have also discovered that the patched sections of epoxy are stronger when heat blankets are applied during the curing process.

Through the use of heating blanket that utilize even heat distribution, the epoxy cures rapidly, enabling the servicing companies’ technicians to work quicker, and finish the job in a timely manner.  This benefits service companies because they will be able to repair the wind blades quicker.  It also benefits the wind blade owners, because the sooner the blade is repaired, the sooner the windmill can be put back in use, generating and providing power.

All in all, wind servicing companies prefer the use of blanket heaters when repairing wind blades. The benefits of even heat distribution is becoming more and more important in the epoxy curing process.

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