Heating Blankets With Options: Xtreme™ and Lite™ Editions


Whether you’re familiar with Powerblanket products or not, whether you know our product line inside and out or are hearing about it for the first time, it’s important to understand the options that we offer. After all, our heating blankets come in three lines for varying heating and durability needs.



One Size Does Not Fit All

At Powerblanket, we strive to offer the very best heating options, tailored and designed for innumerable applications. Our customizable approach to heating needs allows us to furnish solutions for many industries and for many jobs. However, in order to add more variability and choice to our already extensive product line, we’ve created and launched the Xtreme™ and Lite™ product lines.

Up until the creation of these two new additions, Powerblanket has offered one very durable construction option for a myriad of product types and customization scenarios. Now, however, we offer our standard Powerblanket products, our Xtreme line, and our Lite line in order to offer more options for your heating needs.


Why The Additions?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself: why does it matter? Well, it’s simple. Sometimes you need a little more protection, durability, and freeze resistance. And sometimes, you don’t need quite so much. When you need that extra durability and protection, the Powerblanket Xtreme line is the way to go. Xtreme is for those companies that work in the harshest of conditions, offering a durable vinyl shell that will maintain its structural integrity in temperatures as low as -50° F.

On those occasions when you don’t need all the extra strength and durability, however, there’s no use paying for more than you need, right? That’s why we created our Lite line. For those jobs that don’t necessitate the most robust and sturdy application possible, the Powerblanket Lite line is the best answer.

Then, of course, there’s our standard product line, the one so many have used to protect their valuable assets from the ravages of harsh weather. On the occasion that the middle grade approach is certain to cover your bases, Powerblanket standard products offer the best heating solution on the market.



Time is money. Don't waste time waiting for the ground to thaw. Powerblanket has you covered.


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