How Do I Keep Valves from Freezing?


Pipeline valve heatersWhen valves freeze during extreme weather temperatures significant problems may result. Operational down-time, loss of profit, substantial cost of thawing and repairs as well as hazardous conditions is consequential. Flow is required for operation and therefore thawing and/or heating is necessary.  


What options could you use to eliminate the risk of freezing valves?

  • Draining and bleeding the lines and valves may not be feasible in all operations
  • Electrical Heat Trace – Limiting access to the valve
  • Building temporary housing/heating units
  • Temporary heating solutions such as propane or space heaters
  • Heating blankets or heating wraps

What is the best solution to keep valves heated and prevent freezing?

The best solution, on the market today for heating or thawing valves, would have the following features:

  • Easily installed or removed
  • Easy access for monitoring and maintenance
  • Even and efficient heat
  • Meets current safety standards
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Durable for year-round cold weather use
  • Flexible for storage during the warmer seasons


Valve, Manifold Heaters Powerblanket® valve heaters are an excellent solution for heating valves. Heating blankets are often the best solution to keep valves from freezing. Powerblanket uses a graphite inlay to evenly distribute heat across the entire blanket. Blanket style valve heaters are easily customized to fit a wide variety of valve sizes. Additionally, this product can be made to comply with CID2-T4 hazardous location requirements. It is durable for year-round cold-weather protection, and can be used to heat valves in the following industries:


  •         Oil and Gas –CID2 rating
  •         Water purification
  •         Waste Water
  •         Tank storage systems


Powerblanket enhances operational functionality of tanks or flow systems by wrapping around and heating the exposed valves preventing critical cold weather related problems, thus reducing unnecessary costs related to shut-downs and repairs. For the best solution to prevent freezing or to thaw a frozen valve use Powerblanket valve heaters.

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