Powerblanket Addresses Problems With Propane Tanks In Cold Weather

Powerblanket, propane tank heating blankets provide the combined benefits of heat energy generation, heat retention, insulation and even distribution.

Among the innovative products featured by Powerblanket are its propane tank heating systems. When it comes to the use of propane to operate equipment during cold weather one needs to be prepared to address a number of challenges. Some of these challenges are:

  • Low tank pressure
  • Reduced tank vaporization capability
  • Restricted heat transfer
  • Frost build up on tank from moisture/precipitation
  • Freezing equipment

As one would imagine these challenges are compounded by the fact that during extreme cold conditions the demand is typically at its peak. Being aware of the challenges that affect propane tank performance allows you to take the necessary precautions to ensure optimum performance and reduce downtime or project delays. Powerblanket propane tank heating blankets are an ideal solution to problems caused by extreme environmental conditions.

While it may be physically impossible to replace the lost heat energy in the atmosphere itself, it is possible to provide heat to the tank or vessel to minimize the loss of pressure within the tank. This in turn can improve the vaporization rate and thus the efficiency factor. This becomes more important when using tanks of greater size and capacity. It’s been proven that only the portion of the tank that comes in direct contact with the liquid has the capacity to transfer heat. That can be quite costly, as it results in having to keep the propane levels almost full most of all the time. Unless you’re able to control moisture and thus frost build up on the exterior of the tank. Using Powerblanket propane tank heaters results in a cost-savings benefit that minimizes tank fills while improving propane utilization.

Propane tanks can come in various sizes and configurations. For this reason Powerblanket not only offers heating solutions for standard sized propane tanks but also the ability to produce custom heaters for propane tanks of any size. When your cold weather applications require innovate heating solutions for propane tanks, think of Powerblanket.

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