How to Prevent Frozen Pumps and Piping?

style Pipe Heater

Heated pipe wraps to prevent freezingIn the mining industry, it’s critical that slurry and other liquids are moved from point A in the pipeline to point B in the pipeline with no restrictions to flow. If freezing pipes or other restrictions happen, it is very costly and can shut the entire mining process down. Without proper preventative measures put in place, freezing pipes can and will happen.

Powerblanket® pipe heaters and warmers solve the problem of freezing pipes and eliminate costly down time.

The problem with ice building in the volute area of the pump is that it transfers to the piping. This restricts the flow and eventually shuts the line down. This results in dreaded down time, which is very expensive for mining companies.

With Powerblanket custom applications the volute area can be heated to prevent freezing. This keeps the pump and pipeline free of ice and working properly.

Advantages of Powerblanket pipe and pump heaters:

  • Easily installed and removed
  • Customizable for many sizes and shapes
  • No need for costly contractors for installation
  • Eliminates the hassle of putting on and taking off heat trace
  • Energy efficient


Powerblanket has effective heating solutions for most pump and pipe heating needs. Stay ahead of the cold weather and eliminate freezing pumps and pipes with an effective and energy efficient heating source.

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