November Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

It’s deer hunting season, and to help recognize that we’ve chosen three Provo-based manufacturers that help hunters put food on the table: Action Target, a gun range manufacturer and equipment provider; Champion Safe Co., a leading builder of gun storage safes; and NOE Bullet Moulds, which makes molds to cast bullet casings.

Action Target: Are you in need of an indoor shooting range? Action Target manufactures just that, taking design notes from customers to build a range that meets the customer’s specifications. One of the things we liked about Action Target is that there is no outsourcing of any part of the manufacturing process. From the initial drawings to installation, everything is done in-house. The company uses their knowledge of the manufacturing process to develop innovative improvements in new firearms training technology. 


Champion Safe Co.: Founded in 1999 by a Utahn who was the victim of multiple burglaries, Champion Safe Co. builds gun safes that are manufactured to endure when other safes fail. According to the company’s website, each safe is built using “continuous MIG welds for the top and bottom steel body pieces” and double steel door encasements. We recognize Champion Safe Co. for these reasons and for using American-made steel, which is of a much higher quality than cheap Chinese steel and is the preferred choice of Power Manufacturers. 


NOE Bullet Moulds: The smallest of the three November nominees, NOE Bullet Moulds (NOE standing for Night Owl Enterprises) creates specialized bullet moulds for gun enthusiasts across the United States. These moulds are important to those who would rather homemake their own ammunition than buy it from retailers. NOE Bullet Moulds uses that experience to create moulds that fit the precise needs of bullet builders. 

Each of these manufacturers deserves to win, but only one will. Check back with us after we’ve stuffed ourselves with turkey and venison to find out who will win the Power Manufacturing Award. 





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