Compressed Gas Cylinder Sizes

Various materials are packaged in compressed gas cylinders such as atmospheric gases, fuel gases,  and refrigerant gases. Below is a resource for specialty gas cylinder sizes.

Specialty Compressed Gas Cylinder Sizes

Compressed Gas Cylinder Chart

Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Heating Blankets

When the temperature drops, maintaining optimal pressure in a liquefied gas cylinder can be incredibly difficult. Cold external temperatures prevent the liquid from vaporizing, which makes your gas cylinders unusable because of low pressure. Powerblanket offers a variety of gas cylinder heaters for increasing vaporization of propane, butane, carbon dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, refrigerants and other compressed gases. Powerblanket gas cylinder heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire cylinder.

  • Increase performance and efficiency of gas cylinders
  • Save money by optimizing gas and material usage
  • Provide even heat distribution
  • Reduce cylinder refills in cold temperatures
  • Safety certified to UL and CSA standards

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