Wifi Temperature Monitors

Isn’t it amazing what technology allows us to do? New developments elevate and simplify daily tasks and open doors to new possibilities. Today, WiFi technology allows us to connect with essentially any device or appliance and control and monitor it remotely. One of the fastest growing niches for WiFi technology is temperature monitoring. In an industrial setting, WiFi temperature transmitters (also called WiFi temperature monitors, sensors, or loggers) save time and prevent down time and money loss by simplifying temperature control and preventing damage caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Benefits of Wifi Temperature Monitors

Wifi temperature monitoring offers many conveniences no matter the size of the heating or cooling operation.

Cut Down Busy Work

Constant temperature maintenance consumes time and manpower. Scheduling regular thermal checks takes resources away from other important tasks. Also, some WiFi temperature monitors have the capability of data storage and analysis. Because of this added convenience, you can ditch the clipboards and spreadsheets for cloud storage and analytics to get a crystal clear picture of your temperature needs. Using WiFi temperature monitoring can free you from the fiddly busy work of continual temperature maintenance.

Eliminate Human Error

Unfortunately even with the most well-trained workforce, human error is a fact of life. Incorrect thermostat readings, missed shifts, and late temperature checks all take a toll on your temperature system’s effectiveness. Wireless sensors and monitors provide you with immediate temperature feedback.

Remote Temperature Monitoring 

It is not always practical or convenient to send someone down to check thermostat readings and make adjustments. This is especially true during thermal emergencies when freezing or overheating are imminent. Imagine receiving an alert and being able to respond no matter where you are. As a result, remote temperature monitoring grants you freedom from constantly babysitting your thermostat.

Immediate Emergency Response

When freezing temperatures and extreme heat threaten equipment and materials, quick response time is essential. However, mobilizing a response can cost valuable time. For some applications, a difference of a few degrees over a few minutes of time can have lasting adverse effects. Using a WiFi temperature monitor, grants you the ability to detect problems wirelessly and take immediate action.

IoT Access

The Internet of Things (IoT) is improving automation in the temperature control industry. So now, machines, sensors, and process heating or cooling systems can all transfer data and communicate with each other without human to human or human to computer interaction. When wireless thermostat monitoring is paired with programmable logic controllers , the convenience is clear. For instance, imagine your heating or cooling systems automatically turning on and off based upon preset temperature ranges, timers, and sensors detecting ambient weather. All of this is possible without diverting manpower to constantly monitor your thermostats.

Powerblanket WiFi Temperature Solutions

Powerblanket is proud to offer state of the art smart controllers to provide WiFi temperature monitoring.

Beacon Smart Temperature Controller

The Beacon Smart Temperature Controller from Powerblanket connects with temperature control devices and allows users to monitor and control temperature settings from a smartphone or tablet.

WiFi temperature monitoring with Beacon Smart controller app and control box


Users receive notifications when temperatures rise or fall outside of specified limits. This means you can address temperature issues before they lead to costly damage. Additionally, the Smart Temperature Controller features the Beacon Controls Portal and app, a simple to use interface that makes temperature monitoring from a computer, iOS or android device fast and easy.

Beacon Benefits

At Powerblanket, we take WiFi temperature monitoring to the next level. With a myriad of features designed to add usability, convenience, and efficiency, Beacon is a cut about the rest.

Beacon smart controller comparison table

So, if you are looking to simplify and make the use of your temperature control devices more efficient, consider using the Beacon Smart Temperature Controller from Powerblanket. Contact us today to put wireless temperature control right at your fingertips, at 866.957.5538 or [email protected]


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