July Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

This month’s Power Manufacturing Award is extra special. We’re happy to announce that both of our featured manufacturers were nominated by the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), a program that unites experienced engineers with up and coming manufacturers to find industry solutions. The nominees have benefitted from MEP’s resources, and as a result we’ve decided to nominate them for July’s Power Manufacturing Award. 

Let’s get to know the nominees: 

Thrive Life

Thrive Life is an American Fork-based freeze dried food provider. The company supplies customers all over the United States with fruits and vegetables trapped in a state of perfection until water is added and it’s time to eat. Produce is flash frozen within hours of being picked at the farm, then put through a unique freeze drying process via sublimation, holding in valuable nutrients and vitamins. Thrive Life is a leader in promoting innovative freeze drying technology. 

Alta Racks

ALTA Racks is a military-grade bike rack manufacturer located in Cottonwood Heights. They’re a one-of-a-kind builder that relies on multiple local businesses to get their product to customers. With a one-week lead time and conversion equipment for mounting skis and snowboards, ALTA Racks utilizes an efficient manufacturing facility with highly-skilled employees to lead the bike rack industry. 

Both companies will be contacted to let them know about their nomination. Which one will be crowned the newest Power Manufacturer? Tune in at the end of the month to find out. 

Don’t see your business on our nomination list this month? Email [email protected] to nominate your company for the Power Manufacturing Award!

Power Manufacturing Award

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