Barrel and Drum Cooling Solutions from Powerblanket

Bucket, Barrel and Drum Coolers

Barrels and drums, drums and barrels, they certainly make for very versatile storage units; however, as versatile as these storage units are, they are entirely vulnerable to temperature change, making the contents equally as vulnerable. That’s why you need drum cooler solutions for the hot summer months.

Whether you’re using metal or poly barrels or drums, insulation is an issue. Because of the lack of insulation, the contents stored in a barrel are left to the dictates of ambient conditions. For many liquids and other contents, room temperature is just fine. But often, barrels aren’t stored in a nice temperature-regulated area. Typically, barrel storage is in un-insulated warehouses, sheds, and garages. In these cases, warmer temperatures will cause problems.

For some applications, material temperatures need to be cold, regardless of the time of year or ambient conditions. Instead of investing in large refrigerators and freezers units that would have to be large enough for barrel storage, you can keep your barrels cooled, chilled, and cold right where you always keep them. With North Slope Chillers industrial cooling solutions, barrel storage has never been cooler.

Powerblanket Introduces North Slope Chillersdrum cooler

North Slope Chillers’ drum cooler solutions will optimize your operation without interrupting the layout of your current system. North Slope Chillers provides several levels of industrial water chiller systems, fluid chillers and proprietary chilling accessories to provide precise temperature control that is compact, yet efficient. Easy to install, remove, and relocate, you will be happy to have a fluid chiller unit that is so easy to use.

  • FASTEST INDUSTRY LEAD TIMES:  From quote to delivery, enjoy the quickest turnaround time in the industry
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL EXPERTS: We create industrial cooling systems for industries all over the world
  • TOTAL SOLUTION:  With industrial chillers for all industrial needs and fluid channel wraps, we create complete solutions
  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Quickly and effortlessly install the compact and portable design
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED:  Certified for C1D2 Hazardous Locations

Drum Cooler and Fluxwrap

drum coolerFluxwrap chills materials in drums, totes, tanks and all manner of vessels, even when a heat exchanger is not currently present. The proprietary, multi-channel fluid path creates maximum flow with minimal pressure. The wrap conforms to the container shape and maintains thermal contact over uneven surfaces for full coverage cooling.

  • Fluxwrap, when paired with a chiller unit, draws heat away from the container in order to cool the contents inside.
  • Each fluid channel blanket covers and insulates through a durable and easy-to-use system.
  • These industrial drum cooling solutions are portable and easy to install and remove.
  • Control the temperature of your materials with ease and efficiency.
  • Leave the system installed and running while material containers are in use.

The Benefits

  • Protect your storage from overheating, avoiding costly setbacks and ruined product.
  • Increase operational efficiency and, in turn, profit.
  • Make sure the valuable characteristics of your storage are never compromised by overheating.

Agriculture, brewing and fermentation, hydroponics, chemicals, welding, plastics and lasers all use cooling systems to preserve materials and equipment and improve processes.  North Slope Chillers are an easily portable cooling solution for these industries.  Industrial chilling can improve the performance and efficiency of many different industries.

Keep your products and processes within the desired temperature range with Powerblanket's industrial cooling solutions.


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