Small Industrial Chiller: Powerblanket and North Slope Chillers

portable chillers
Optimize performance when the heat is high with a small industrial chiller.  

Small Chiller Units

Do you need freezer-level chilling with continuously circulating fluid as low as 20° F?  Are you working hard to protect critical materials against extreme heat?  Do you have a process that unexpectedly needs cooling?  The small industrial chiller unit is an effective solution for all of these situations.

These small chiller units are equipped with a continuous duty, non-ferrous pump and boasts the most advanced active refrigeration circuit available.  The high quality compressor is the magic behind the chiller’s efficiency and reliability. Because of the stainless steel reservoir with fully welded stainless steel couplers, this small industrial chiller is much higher quality than the competition that uses plastic reservoirs.  Liquid line sight glass allows for easy assessment of fluid levels.

Precise Control and Small Footprint

The North Slope Chillers fluid chiller offers precise temperature control, down to 20 °F.  Set temperatures and set points.  Self-contained and requiring only a power connection, you can enjoy the ease of a small chiller unit that comes on 4 casters for easy mobility and a minimal footprint.   The small industrial chiller combined with the Powerblanket ICE circulation blanket is ideal for process cooling and other industrial cooling applications.

Works with Powerblanket ICE Circulation Blanket

Draw heat away from the container and lower the temperature of the contents within. When you combine the North Slope small chiller unit with the Powerblanket ICE Circulation Blanket, you can maintain temperatures as low as 20°F/-7°C.  This combination is ideal for process cooling applications while also being small and portable.

North Slope Chillers: Small Industrial Chiller Standout Features

  • Rated at ambient temperatures from 35ºF to 100 º
  • Hermetically sealed compressor & Non-ferrous piping-system
  • Continuous duty, non-ferrous pump, 4 GPM at 50 PSI (other pumps available)
  • Submersed copper coil evaporator
  • Stainless steel tank with fully welded stainless steel couplers (12 gallon capacity)
  • Environmentally acceptable R134a refrigerant
  • Comes standard with a twist-lock plug
  • Mounted on casters (feet option available)
  • Cooling capacity up to 12,000 BTU’s/h
  • Powder-coated steel or stainless steel cabinet
  • Available voltages: 120VAC & 240VAC

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Portable Process Cooling Equipment

North Slope Chillers by Powerblanket

Process Cooling Equipment

Powerblanket® designs and manufactures Powerblanket ICE®, portable cooling equipment that will keep your materials safe from heat including the Icepack Blanket, the Circulation Blanket + Cooler, and the Circulation Blanket + Chiller. This product line features portable, insulated, and efficient process cooling equipment.  Effectively regulate temperature-sensitive material under both regular and hot conditions with Powerblanket ICE process cooling equipment.

Ice pack Blanket

With internal pockets that place the ice directly against the surface of your container, the Powerblanket ICE Ice pack Blanket is an affordable portable process cooling option. This blanket is insulated, ensuring that your ice packs will last longer than ice alone and longer than other non-insulated options on the market.  Freeze your ice packs, wrap your product, and get to work.

The Icepack Blanket is a lower cost option that is easily portable, allows you to adjust temperature based on the number of ice packs used, and offers the convenience of reusable ice packs.

Circulation Blanket

For more advanced process cooling equipment, look to the Circulation Blanket options.  The Powerblanket Ice Circulation Blanket is combined with either a cooler or chiller to achieve optimum results. The Circulation Blanket uses Powerblanket’s patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat to the blanket and cool the contents of the container.

Blanket with Cooler

When using the cooler with the circulation blanket, the ice cold water in the cooler is pumped through the blanket, surrounding your product in constant cool.  The pump runs on 12VDC or 120VAC power.  Maintain a minimum temperature of 32°F/0°C or lower the temperature with salt or other freeze point modifiers.  Forty pounds of ice can maintain the temperature of whatever you are cooling at 55°F/13°C for nine to ten hours in 100°F/38°C ambient temperatures.  Simply fill the cooler with ice and water and know that your materials are cool.

Blanket with Chiller

If your needs call for something even colder or continuous the Circulation Blanket + Chiller will be the best option for you.  When combined with the chiller, you can maintain industrial cooling of 20°F/-7°C.  This portable process cooling equipment option offers precise temperature control.  One chiller can operate with two 55-gallon drum blankets.  The chiller combination is ideal for process cooling and other industrial cooling applications.



Protecting Critical Materials from Heat with Powerblanket ICE

Protecting Critical Materials from Heat

Under certain conditions and with certain materials, heat is the enemy: ruining epoxies, and interfering with the brewing process.  You can, however, protect critical materials from heat when the effects of heat are understood and proper precautions are in place.


Epoxy are many types of resins with similar properties and chemical structures. Typically used for adhesives, protective coatings and molds, epoxies are hard and notably inert after curing. Before curing epoxy is more fluid. The chemical reaction that results in epoxy is exothermic, meaning the reaction when epoxy is mixed creates heat. Adding more heat to this reaction makes the reaction advance faster. More heat, whether ambient temperatures or heat accelerators, will speed the chemical reaction.

In general, temperatures below 50°F/10°C are too cold for epoxy to cure properly. Temperatures around 70°F/21°C are ideal. If epoxy is kept in a container or spread in a thick layer, the heat from the reaction dissipates slower, and the heat of the chemical reaction can speed its own curing process (Legget).

Heat speeds everything about the curing process of epoxy.  If there is a need to store the epoxy, some plans for cooling must be in place.


North Slope Chiller Ice WrapHeat is an important part of the fermentation process; however, if heat enters the process at the wrong time, or lasts for too long, it can result in undesired flavors and aromas that compromise the quality of the spirit.  Spirits spend years locked inside barrels during the aging process, undergoing a series of seasonal climatic changes that trigger chemical changes. Controlling the temperature of actively fermenting wort (the sweet infusion of ground malt
or other grain before fermentation, used to produce beer and distilled malt liquors)
can have a major impact on the flavor of the finished beer. Fermenting above the normal temperature range may produce excessive fruity-flavored esters or harsh-flavored fusel alcohols (Stika).

Normal ale fermentation temperatures range from 68-72 °F/20-22 °C and lager fermentation temperatures from 45-55 °F/7-13 °C. The heat generated by an active fermentation can warm a typical 5-gallon batch of beer by 10 to 15°F/5.5 to 8.3°C (Stika).

Protecting Critical Materials from Heat with Powerblanket ICE

The key to protecting critical materials from heat is to prevent external heat from reaching your product.  An effective cooling solution should be able to remove as much heat as the environment is sending into the material you are trying to protect against the heat.  


  • Blankets use Powerblanket’s patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat to the blanket and cool the contents of the container
  • Blanket cover and insulation are the same as the robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products
  • White vinyl reflects heat rather than absorbing the sun’s rays
  • Powerblanket Ice industrial cooling systems are portable (120VAC required)
  • Control the temperature of your equipment or bulk materials
  • Blankets can be left installed and running while bulk material containers are in use
  • Ready-to-ship industrial cooling/process cooling products are available for 15, 30, & 55-gallon drums, and for 5-gallon buckets.
  • Custom systems can be designed for a large variety of industrial cooling applications, and shipped within 2 weeks.


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The Powerblanket® ICE Chiller System: The Coolest of Our Cooling Solutions

Powerblanket’s new innovative cooling solutions help to maintain ideal temperatures in the hottest of weather. From small cooling jobs to large and substantial chilling applications, Powerblanket cooling solutions offer a range of temperature regulation via three performance levels. Today, in this post, we’ll take a look at the most robust Powerblanket ICE product of them all…the Powerblanket ICE Chiller System.


North Slope Chiller and Powerblanket IceThe Chiller System: The Coldest Cooling Solution

If you’re storing a temperature sensitive product in hot weather, then you need to make sure that product doesn’t get too hot. If it does, it could be the product’s undoing. In many cases, simply cooling the product may be sufficient. This could be accomplished with our Ice Pack Product. If you need refrigerator-level cooling, then our Cooler Product is the perfect fit. But if you need freezer-level chilling with circulating fluid as low as 20 °F, or you’re protecting a product against extreme heat, then the Powerblanket ICE Chiller Product is your answer.

The Chiller Product is the top tier of the Powerblanket ICE family. It’s the mack daddy, the alpha male, the great sovereign of Chill-dom. With its extremely efficient and highly capable chiller, the Powerblanket Chiller Product offers precise temperature control, clear down to 20 °F. But this chiller system happens to have another very noteworthy feature worth mentioning. Along with being able to chill product lower and more precisely, the Chiller also has the capability of chilling more product simultaneously. For example, with the Chiller Product, you can chill two 55 gallon drums of product with one Chiller. If you need to chill more product, and chill it well, then the Chiller can make it happen.


Feature Overview:

  • 20 °F minimum temp
  • Precise temp control
  • Can run (2) 55-gallon drum blankets

So if you have extreme cooling needs and need to protect your valuable assets against the hottest of hot weather, then learn more about our Powerblanket Chiller Product and give us a call today.


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Tank Cooling Solutions from Powerblanket

If you’re storing things in tanks, then you’re storing a lot of it. That being the case, you can’t afford to leave your valuable liquid or other material to the whims of Mother Nature. When it comes to Summer, heat can wreak havoc on your tank storage and operations. But rather than spending a boat load on refrigerated tanks, you can get much more economical tank cooling solutions with Powerblanket ICE.


Powerblanket ICE Tank Cooling Solutions

What are your options for tank cooling solutions when summer rolls around? Well, if you haven’t heard of Powerblanket cooling technologies, then your only option is likely to be a refrigerated tank. Refrigerated tanks certainly get the job done. But aside from being rather expensive, they don’t solve cooling problems for pre-existing tanks. In other words, if you don’t already have a refrigerated tank, then you’re going to be spending a lot of time and money replacing your present tank(s) with new refrigerated units.

Thankfully, there’s a much better option for you. Powerblanket tank cooling solutions allow you to apply an insulating exterior cooling system to any tank. From common sizes to custom application, Powerblanket cooling technologies will keep your tank storage at the ideal temperature during the hot summer months. With four cooling options to choose from, Powerblanket tank coolers offer cooling protection for small to large applications.


Benefits of Powerblanket Tank Cooling Solutions:

  • Prevent the extra costs and downtime associated with other tank cooling options
  • Maintain operational continuity with an easy-to-install solution
  • External application means there’s no need to empty or halt tank usage
  • Protect your valuable storage from being compromised by heat
  • Maintain profitability by eliminating ruined product and costly downtime


Features of Powerblanket ICE:

  • Powerblanket ICE Tank Cooling Systems use patented technology to draw heat away from the tank in order to cool the contents inside.
  • Our Tank Cooling Systems cover and insulate with a durable and easy-to-use system.
  • Powerblanket ICE systems are portable and easy to install and remove.
  • The Powerblanket ICE Tank Cooling System makes for easy temperature control of bulk materials.
  • Each tank cooling system can be left installed and running while tanks are in use.
  • Custom cooling systems can be designed for any size and shape of tank.


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Barrel Cooling Solutions from Powerblanket

Barrels and drums, drums and barrels, they certainly make for very versatile storage units. There’s really very little limit as to what you can store in them. However, as versatile as these storage units are, they are entirely vulnerable to temperature change, making the contents equally as vulnerable. That’s why you need barrel cooling solutions for the hot summer months.


Powerblanket Ice Cooling ProductsBarrel Cooling Solutions from Powerblanket®

Whether you’re using metal or poly barrels or drums, one thing is clear; they don’t insulate at all. And since they don’t insulate, the contents stored in a barrel are left to the whims of external temperature. For many liquids and other contents, room temperature is just fine. But often times, barrels aren’t stored in a nice temperature-regulated area. More often than not, barrel storage is in uninsulated warehouses, sheds, and garages. If you’re barrels are stored in such locations, and your contents need to maintain a cool temperature, then summer is going to pose a real problem if you don’t have barrel cooling solutions in place.

Even more important than the aforementioned scenario is the need for keeping contents well below room temperature. Instead of investing a whole lot of money in large refrigerators and freezers, units that would have to be large enough for barrel storage, you can keep your barrels cooled, chilled, and cold right where you always keep them. With Powerblanket ICE barrel cooling solutions, barrel storage has never been cooler.


Powerblanket ICE Barrel Cooling Solutions

  • The Powerblanket ICE Drum/Barrel cooler uses Powerblanket patented technology to draw heat away from the container in order to cool the contents inside.
  • Each Barrel cooler covers and insulates through a durable and easy-to-use system.
  • Powerblanket ICE barrel cooling solutions are portable and easy to install and uninstall.
  • The Powerblanket ICE barrel cooler allows you to control the temperature of your materials with ease and efficiency.
  • Each barrel cooler can be left installed and running while material containers are in use.


The Benefits:

  • Protect your storage from overheating, avoiding costly setbacks and ruined product.
  • Increase operational efficiency and, in turn, profit.
  • Make sure the valuable characteristics of your storage are never compromised by overheating.