How Can I Prevent My Water Storage Tank from Freezing?

Large vertical storage tanks wrapped in black in a winter sceneHaving a water storage tank freeze can be a large issue, not only for the product that is inside the tank, but for the tank itself. Water storage tanks are equipped with two different types of systems for mixing the water within the tank. Each system succeeds well within their proper environments.

Passive systems are hydrodynamic mixing systems and other jet aeration types of systems. These systems create water movement only during the filling process. They are ineffective with preventing ice buildup in cold climates.

Active systems are pulse hydraulics and solar. The active systems are reactive because they can be programmed to respond to water system needs as season weather moves in and out as well as water quality variants dictate. However, only the most powerful active mixers can prevent ice buildup all winter long.

The bottom line is that if the environment is just right, moving the water alone is not a guarantee that the top portion of water is not going to freeze. The goal then is to minimize the tank damage from ice buildup in extreme cold climates. Ice can damage the controls, the interior or puncture a wall before you realize you have an ice buildup problem in your tank.

When searching for a solution for preventing ice buildup inside a storage tank, the most important thing to search for is uniformed heat. To properly prevent ice buildup you need to maintain the same temperature at the bottom of your water tank, as you do at the top. Traditional methods for reducing ice formation inside water tanks have been expensive, difficult and only partially effective. Take band heaters for example. They typically can heat well, but when it comes to distributing that heat, they fall short of the mark. 

This is where heated blankets and wraps enter the picture. An effective barrel or drum heater should be able reach a higher temperature in a shorter period of time, if it is distributing the heat efficiently. Often used in the restaurant and shipping industries, these heated wraps and blankets are able to heat materials to a specific temperature to maintain viscosity, but not to the point of burning or scorching the material. Since this design is so successful at heating and maintaining an optimal temperature for more volatile materials, keeping water tanks from freezing is a much simpler task. Powerblanket is determined to provided total temperature control regardless the process or industry. Because we know what it’s like to have setbacks on projects and have the bottomline suffer from temperamental weather and equipment inefficiency. Let our solutions solve your problems.


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