Custom Heating Solutions for Welding Prep

Prepping pipes and other surfaces for welding can be a real challenge regardless of the ambient temperature. The surface needs to be hot for welding, and that’s why Powerblanket has created custom heating solutions for welding prep, to enable preheating for just about any welding job.


Heating Solutions for Welding PrepWelding Prep: Bringing the Heat

When it comes to prepping any metal surface for welding, specifications may require the surface to be hot before you begin. If it’s not, you’ll run into problems. If the metal isn’t hot enough before you start welding, it will affect the cooling rate of the weld, and if the weld cools too quickly the metal could go into shock and cause fabrication hydrogen cracking.  When you preheat and postheat the metal it allows for better hydrogen diffusion, as much as 1000 times more diffusion at 250 °F (121 °C) versus room temperature (68 °F, 20 °C). As more hydrogen diffuses after the weld is complete,  the risk of cracking is significantly reduced.

Preheating pipe can be achieved through various means. Some of these include: furnace heating, torching, electrical strip heaters, induction heaters, and radiation heaters. Whatever you do to preheat your metal, it’s imperative to do so properly. Having the needed monitors and controls in place will allow you to maintain the necessary interpass temperature to make certain the surface doesn’t drop below the necessary preheat range.

Can you do this with traditional preheat methods such as torching and induction heaters? Well, it’s not impossible, but it is tedious and tricky. That’s why we eliminated all the guess work at Powerblanket to bring you an innovative heating solutions for welding prep. With the Powerblanket 400 custom heat blanket, we can build you a quick and easy-to-use preheat product that you can use for your specific welding needs.


Powerblanket 400:

  • Up to 300 watts per square foot
  • Temperatures up to 400 °F (204 °C)
  • Durable silicone-coated, fiberglass shell
  • Utilizes high efficiency aluminum heat-spreading technology
  • 120/208/240 VAC options available
  • Ideal for epoxy curing, welding prep, manufacturing processes, and much more
  • Integrated temperature control, for precise control ask about our temperature control options


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2 thoughts on “Custom Heating Solutions for Welding Prep

  1. How small are the blankets. The 2 different parts I am welding are 12×12 with an 18″ shaft. Please price for me.
    Highland Glen Fabrication in Dugald, MB Canada

  2. Hi, I am looking for a power blanket which can give continuous heat of 170 Deg’ C. If you have pleas send me some more detail with photos.

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