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What’s more beautiful than fresh, untouched snow in the morning light? A clear walkway you didn’t have to shovel or salt. Fresh snow comes with a cost: shoveling, slippery stairs, ice, repeat.  Many home and business owners would love a quick winter fix. Powerblanket’s melting mats can make your winter snow maintenance a breeze.


While rock salt may be the most economical solution for snow and ice accumulation, it can cause problems for pavement, concrete, and vegetation. Rock salt can seep into the porous surface of your concrete and make a home inside, making the concrete more prone to deterioration. Salt crystals inside of concrete also draw water toward them, increasing the saturation potential of concrete by 9%.

Depending on the thaw/freeze cycle of your winter, your concrete could experience some significant damage. Asphalt surfaces, brick and stone used in home walkways, and landscaping also suffer from the salt/water infiltration and freeze/thaw cycles, though not quite as much as concrete.  Since plants cannot “sweat off” salts like animals, they have to shed leaves/twigs. Salt also reduces soil quality and attracts water, which makes it harder for root systems to pull the water into the plant.

With the SummerStep heated walkway mat, these environmental side effects are completely avoided.  Save your concrete, pavement and vegetation.


Summerstep heated snow mats are ideal for both residential and industrial applications.  Using the same technology as the Powerblanket, the Summerstep heated walkway mat uses radiant heat to clear walkways of ice and snow.


 Keeping snow and ice clear from walkways and stairs around the home is important in protecting your family from injury. Because other methods to melt snow can be time-consuming and cause damage to your landscaping, consider using heated mats. Melting mats for your home are a simple solution to prevent injury without the hassle.

Because they are designed to be left out all winter long, residential mats can be easily installed and left to do their job. The are reliable and keep paths clear from snow and ice even in harsh winter storms. They are also environmentally safe and don’t contain harsh chemicals, giving you peace of mind especially with kids and pets around the home. This is important for the protection of your plants as well. Whether you need a walkway, stair or door mat, Powerblanket has what you need in a variety of sizes to get you through a snowy winter. 


More than one million Americans suffer from injuries related to slips and falls each year. From hospitals and nursing homes to large construction sites or small restaurants, any business based in cold climates is forced to think about snow and ice removal. Slippery conditions have the potential to cause many hazards that delay productivity, increase cost and cause accidents. Protecting both your employees and customers from preventable falls doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. You can lower your liability and prevent injury with the use of Summerstep industrial snow mats. 

Summerstep mats are customizable, so you can be sure that you are covering all areas that get a lot of foot traffic around your business. They also include connecting accessories so you can position the mats to fit the layout required for your needs. You can connect multiple mats and use a Beacon for more precise control. The mats melt about two inches of snow per hour when operating, making it easy to keep your walkways clear. Other benefits of using melting mats for your business include:

  •         Save time and money
  •         Durable and long-lasting
  •         More convenient than shoveling snow
  •         Peace of mind warranty
  •         Reliable even in the worst conditions
  •         The ONLY snow melting mat made in the USA

Summerstep outdoor snow melting mats keep stairs, doorways, sidewalks, driveways, ramps, walkways and alleyways safe and secure from slip and fall accidents. Save your concrete, pavement and vegetation and prevent hazards created by icy winter weather when you use these snow traction mats.

Keep your steps, doorways and walkways safe this winter with Summerstep.


Shelby Thompson

Shelby Thompson is the head of standard product sales for Powerblanket. He has a distinguished military career, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In his time in the Marines, Shelby acquired an impressive skillset that he now uses in his current role. When he's not working, Shelby loves spending time outdoors with his wife, son, and daughter. He is also a semi-keen hunter, fair weather fisherman, and shooter. Unfortunately, Shelby also has something of an unlucky streak when it comes to Fantasy Football at the company.

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