Maintaining Viscosity in Your Oil Stores


Temperature plays a vital role in maintaining viscosity in the storage of many types of liquids and chemicals. But when it comes to storing your liquid in lower ambient temperatures, you could be playing a catch up game when it comes to maintaining ideal viscosity, especially with oil and oil-based lubricants.


Oil Pouring

Viscous Oils Run Slow

Why does the viscosity of oil or other liquids matter? Asking such a question to a mechanical engineer may start an impassioned conversation on the matter. As for the rest of us, it may be helpful to revisit some simple principles of physics. When your lubricant is too viscous, it affects the ability the liquid has to flow easily. When you’re dealing with small engine parts, using a lubricant that is too high in viscosity could restrict its access to smaller parts within your engineer or mechanism. And, of course, restricted flow to vital elements of your machinery could cause drastic problems.

Another problem posed by overly viscous lubricants comes from the incurrence of excessive torque in your machinery. If the oil in your machine is too thick, it’s going to tax your engine all the more to push the lubricant into all the necessary places. Not only does this cause undue torque on the system, but it also cause more friction than is necessary. The moral of the story: this all means more wear and tear.

Oil lubricated machines will usually have a low-temperature limit for startup. This restriction is sometimes referred to as the pour point. It’s true that once an engine has time to run and warm up, it returns the oil to the proper viscosity, but adding a lubricant at a temperature far below ideal could cause startup problems. With this in mind, maintaining viscosity in your lubricant storage becomes vitally important.

Powerblanket and Our Contribution

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