Process Heating Engineering: Vanilla Beans

Process Heating Engineering Vanilla Bean Case StudyProcess Heating Engineering:  Vanilla Beans

Often, when your industry is unique, there is not a ready-to-ship solution for your specific process heating needs.  Powerblanket’s process heating engineering uses ingenuity and Powerblanket technology to solve the temperature needs of many different companies throughout many different industries.

Powerblanket recently worked with Tahitian Gold, vanilla producer of choice for master chefs and culinary institutions, gourmet cooks and food connoisseurs, to find the best process heating engineering solution for their vanilla beans.

The Heating Problem

Tahitian Gold vanilla beans require heating before processing, and Tahitian Gold did not have an effective means of consistent, safe heating. They tested various Powerblanket products for buckets, barrels, totes and even a flat blanket to determine which process heating solution would be most effective for their current temperature needs.

While this is not an overly complicated process heating dilemma, the mass of the beans and uncontrolled air gaps, along with awkward sizes and complex temperature and wattage requirements caused problems with consistent heating.  Hence, the reason for testing multiple Powerblanket options to ensure optimal results.

After experimenting, Tahitian Gold and Powerblanket’s engineers teamed up to create custom tank heaters.  These tank heaters applied evenly distributed heat that consistently warms all of the beans regardless of air gaps and awkward sizes.  In addition to the custom tank heaters, Tahitian Gold also uses Powerblanket 55 Pro Drum heaters and select bucket heaters for specific heating during their processes.  Tahitian Gold was thankful for the opportunity Powerblanket gave them to experiment, and for the Powerblanket engineers who helped point them in the right direction.

Each Powerblanket option provides concentrated heat to help consistently heat the beans throughout each container.

Powerblanket will approach your process heating needs with creativity built around your heating requirements.  To learn more about custom heating solutions and what Powerblanket can do for you, click here.


When you need a custom temperature control solution, Powerblanket is the company to call. With over 30 years of experience, we can solve any heating dilemma you have.


Alex Pacanowsky

Meet Alex, one of our experts in freeze protection and the head of the custom team at Powerblanket! For the past several years, Alex has worked closely with oil & gas pros, medical device startups, and pharmaceutical suppliers (just to name a few) to create weatherproof operations. No matter how cold the weather, or what needs to be heated, Alex knows just what to do! He also loves mountain biking and spending time with his two boys, 5 and 9, and two Labrador Retrievers.

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