Product Spotlight: Propane Tank Heater

Winter weather amounts to dropping temperatures, and when the temperature drops, it affects more than just our willingness to go outside. It affects the products we use and store outdoors or in cold warehouses. One of the products commonly left to brave the weather on its own is propane. And when propane is left in the cold, it doesn’t work so well.


Propane particle

Cold Weather’s Strain on Propane

Have you ever stopped to think about how cold weather affects your propane tanks? If you store them outside perhaps you’ve been concerned about why they perform less efficiently. Even if you store them inside, if the ambient air around them is too cold, it will still cause a decrease in efficiency and performance.

The reason for this is illustrated in the picture below. It’s a simple matter of science. Think back to the physics classes you had in school. Do you remember what happens to liquids and gas when they get cold? (Water is the only exception we know of.) That’s right; they contract. And when propane contracts in your tank, it’s not a good thing. When the gas in your tank is at a nice toasty-warm level, the molecules that form the gas spread apart, increasing pressure and enabling your tank to push that pressurized gas out with efficient force and frequency. However, when the tank drops in temperature, those same molecules move closer together and drastically decrease tank pressure—in turn decreasing the performance of your tank. So what do you do to solve this problem? Well, you either keep your propane in a room that’s extremely hot year round, or else you go with the far more economical and sensible option.


Propane Tank Heater

Powerblanket® Propane Tank Heaters

The Powerblanket® Propane Tank Heater offer a simple, economical, and highly efficient means for keeping your propane tanks from losing valuable pressure. Powerblanket simply has the best propane-tank-heating solution on the market. Our blankets enable you to maintain pressure and efficiency for almost any size and shape of propane tank. So don’t deal with unnecessary refills on your tanks during the winter. Get Powerblanket® Propane Tank Heaters, and let Mother Nature do her worst.


Powerblanket® Propane Tank Heater FeaturesVarious Sized Propane Tank Heaters

  • Increases performance and efficiency of propane tanks
  • Provides even heat distribution
  • Saves money by optimizing gas and material usage
  • Safety certified by UL/CSA/CE
  • Eliminates unnecessary cylinder refills in cold weather



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