When Should I Use Standard vs. Custom Heating Solutions?

Temperature control is vital for businesses that work in the cold. Seeking the right heating solutions for your business leads to one of two options: using an off-the-shelf heating product or ordering a custom product specifically suited to your situation. 

The Answer to Life’s Greatest Mystery

Standard versus custom. Can a product right off the shelf cure your heating ails, or is a specialized equipment order needed? Most, if not all, businesses have had to ask themselves this question. The answer varies based on your application.

Both standard and custom heating solutions may work depending on your short and long-term objectives. By understanding your application needs and expectations, Powerblanket can help you solve your temperature control problems.

Standardcustom heating solutions

Powerblanket’s lines of heating products are of the highest quality on the market. ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards, each product meets the needs of a wide range of heating situations. But just because they’re our standard warmers doesn’t mean they’re dormant. Customer feedback is vital in continually improving both the product itself and how the product is manufactured.

For example, customer feedback led to our engineers looking for ways to make our heating products more affordable. We looked at ways we could save on manufacturing costs without compromising quality. After a thorough examination of what changes we were capable of producing, we realized some of the material we imported in building our heating blankets could be made in-house. Doing so allowed us to have more control in our building materials, increasing the quality of the product.


Manufacturing custom products might be a unique experience for the customer, but for Powerblanket, it’s an everyday opportunity to discover how we can best meet our customers’ expectations. Our team of engineers devoted to custom heating solutions has led to many innovations that have carried over into our standard product line. 

Building a custom heating blanket consists of four parts.

  1. Assess Needs
    • Find out what the problem is
    • Look at specs, environment, etc.
    • Finalize customer quote within 24 hours
  2. Get Approval to Move Forward
    • Accept quote
    • Collect additional info (custom questionnaire, thermal analysis)
  3. Custom Designing
    • Manufacture drawings
    • Get approval from customer
  4. Schedule, Build and Ship
    • Usually ships within two weeks of quote
    • Guaranteed to work upon arrival

Whether you need minor modifications to our standard products or a fully customized solution, our world-class engineering team will quickly solve your problem. Before you know it, you’ll have your one-of-a-kind Powerblanket product right on your doorstep.

Decisions, Decisions

Powerblanket recently talked to a potential customer who uses a horizontal, precast concrete curing application with a specific and defined heating requirement and a time-limited PSI outcome. We learned that their projects differed in both layout and design configuration, which adds to the complexity and solution. While a custom heating solution may have provided the optimum outcome, the customer thought that a custom blankets for each job would cost too much. This led to us helping them find a more practical solution while not loosing site of the desired outcome.

Standard heating blankets come in many sizes that can easily conform to the multiple job layouts when used in combination. Also, an occasional custom product may provide the right answer for a unique project. And, sometimes both a standard and custom solution in combination works best.

That is what we do: find the right solutions for your heating needs. Learn more about Powerblanket’s custom heating solutions here

When you need a custom temperature control solution, Powerblanket is the company to call. With over 30 years of experience, we can solve any heating dilemma you have.


Alex Pacanowsky

Meet Alex, one of our experts in freeze protection and the head of the custom team at Powerblanket! For the past several years, Alex has worked closely with oil & gas pros, medical device startups, and pharmaceutical suppliers (just to name a few) to create weatherproof operations. No matter how cold the weather, or what needs to be heated, Alex knows just what to do! He also loves mountain biking and spending time with his two boys, 5 and 9, and two Labrador Retrievers.