Your Spray Foam Business: Increase the Yield

An increased yield in spray foam means an increased yield in profits. Ensuring the best yield from your spray foam requires optimal operation, regardless of ambient temperatures.

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Factors Affecting Yield

Making sure you get the most mileage out of your spray foam is essential for the growth and longevity of your business. More yield in your foam means less expense per square foot, which then equates to the highest possible profit margin.

However, cold weather can drastically affect the yield of your product. For proper application your tank temperature has to be above 70°F / 21°C for 24 hours before application. Failure to keep your tank at the proper temperature means the foam’s density will be compromised and the application will be less than favorable—if possible at all.

Obviously, in order to get your spray foam up to a workable temperature during the winter months, you will need to heat it up. Conventional suggestions for this practice involve storing your foam in a heated space. But this method could take up to 36 hours to bring the product to the proper temperature—not to mention it is expensive to have keep the ambient air in your storage space high enough to heat the foam to 70°F / 21°C.

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A Better Option

With Powerblanket Spray Foam Heaters, you do not have to worry about a 36-hour window for heating your foam, nor do you have to allocate the costs of maintaining a high temperature in your storage space. Simply wrap a Powerblanket Spray Foam Heater around your spray-foam bin, and shortly, your product will be ready for use at an optimal application temperature.

This approach saves significant time and cost. Likewise, it will maintain an ideal temperature without the risk of declining temperatures during application or scorching and overheating.


spray foam heater box

Powerblanket Spray Foam Heater Features:

  • Full coverage for your spray-foam kit boxes and spray foam cylinders
  • Evenly heat the foam from all sides for consistent performance
  • Well-insulated unit to keep heat from leaking out
  • Equipped with safety certifications, including a UL listing (in the U.S.) and CSA (in Canada)

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Keep your business running smoothly through the cold winter months with Powerblanket spray foam heaters.


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