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Our Heated Concrete Curing Blankets provide a manageable way to cure concrete in the cold weather months. Save time and money by protecting your business from the havoc of cold weather. Powerblanket’s insulated concrete curing blanket comes in various lengths and sizes as well as custom options to meet the needs of any project. So whether your job is big or small, simple or complex; Powerblanket has you covered.

Why Powerblanket® Concrete Blankets?

  • Cure concrete 2.8 times faster than conventional insulated blankets
  • Produce cold weather concreting strength of 3,925 psi in 72 hours
  • Maintain moisture throughout hydrating process
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Maintain ACI compliance for cold-weather concreting

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Massman Construction & Powerblanket Concrete Blankets

While constructing Kansas City’s Christopher S. Bond Bridge, Massman Construction encountered a mid-winter dilemma. The support beam beneath the bridge, which formed the bottom of the gap in the precast concrete panels, was constantly exposed to temperatures at or below 0⁰F (-18⁰C). Massman concluded that traditional heating solutions wouldn’t work in this case. They turned to Powerblanket heated concrete blankets, which warmed up the surrounding concrete and support beam, keeping a constant temperature on the concrete.

“We didn’t have the time to wait out the winter for the temperatures to become more moderate. The Powerblanket concrete heating blankets certainly played an important role in keeping us on schedule and hot having to postpone the pour on an important Kansas City bridge.”

Dale Helming
Project Manager
Massman Construction

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Walsh Construction & Powerblanket Concrete Blankets

After calculating the savings in fuel, personnel to monitor the open flame, personnel and time to build and move enclosed shelters, and the heaters themselves, Walsh Construction realized it saved more than $5.43 for every $1.00 spent on the Powerblanket curing blankets.

      “[Powerblanket] was the best cold-weather heating and curing system we’ve worked with.”

Vern Adkins
Carpenter Foreman
Walsh Construction

Concrete Blanket Performance Comparison

Test Results

■ 2.8 Times Faster—that’s how much a recent test found that Powerblanket concrete blankets outperformed standard curing blankets. That means doing jobs quicker in the winter.

■ 3,925 psi (276 kgf/cm2)—the strength of the concrete cured under the Powerblanket curing blanket during the three-day test, which took place in temperatures ranging from 22⁰F/-5⁰C to 38⁰F/3.6⁰C.

■ 2,162 psi (152 kgf/cm2)—the strength of the concrete cured under a standard curing blanket in the same test.

Learn more about how Powerblanket has helped the construction industry!

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