Freeze Protection for Chemical Injection Tanks

A Poly-Mart Chemical Injection TankAs versatile as chemical injection tanks are, they’re no match for cold weather. How do you protect your temperature-sensitive liquids from freezing?

Too Cold for Chemicals

The big poly storage tanks you see strewn all over oil fields and water treatment plants are truly helpful when it comes to storing and accessing the valuable liquids they hold. You may have noticed something else about them: they’re plastic. As such, they have no insulating qualities.

Too Complex

Few, if any, plastic tanks have their own individual internal heater. Self-regulating tanks are extremely expensive, and when break downs happen, you have to replace the entire tank.

Chemical Injection Tanks and Freeze Protection

Maybe you’re thinking: so what? Lack of insulation doesn’t really matter for the warm part of the year. But for the cold parts of the year, it definitely does. Come winter and frozen tanks become a huge pain. Chemical injection tanks are commonly used to maintain flow, to reduce corrosion, and to improve operations associated with the treatment of fluid sources. If your tank freezes, all of these important functions freeze too.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

A well-known example of chemicals needing winterized protection is diesel exhaust fluid. DEF has become an essential part of the trucking industry and in other uses of diesel fueled vehicles as an additive that helps reduce harmful emissions. The ideal storage temperature for DEF is between 15º F and 77º F, and preferably in a dry environment.

Most often, users of DEF will store it in a plastic tank either attached to their vehicle or in large tanks indoors. When temperatures drop below 15º F, additional heat sources are needed to ensure the DEF is able to fulfill its function. DEF that gets too cold will become thick and slushy, rendering it incompatible with engine systems that need it to flow as a liquid.

Get a Specialized Custom Solution

Oil rig with red sunset in backgroundTo counteract this problem, Powerblanket offers custom heating solutions for chemical injection tanks. Whatever the size or shape of your injection tanks, Powerblanket’s custom solutions team can design a durable heating blanket for it, a tank heater that will be easy to install when you need it, and easy to remove when you don’t.

Powerblanket’s customization methods serve your exact needs, meeting every specification that your business requires. Does your project require a heating blanket with specific temperature ranges not available in our standard line of products? No problem. Does your project call for a larger or smaller heating blanket than what you see is available on our website? No sweat. If you can dream it, we can make it and have it shipped within two weeks of ordering.

Our proprietary blend of material and technology produces a heating solution that wraps your injection tank in a durable insulating blanket that spreads electrical heat evenly and safely throughout the entire application area. So when it comes to chemical injection tanks, please don’t give them the cold shoulder. Give us a call today and start on a custom solution that meets your needs at 855.548.8013 or email us at [email protected].

Powerblanket's custom tank heaters provide freeze protection, making your business more sustainable and efficient.


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