How Good is Heat Spreading?

I get asked about every week, what the benefits are that we offer to our customers. The answer is actually quite simple. Depending on the industry, company, or corporation we are working with we offer a variety of benefits. Through the use of our unique heat spreading technology, we offer companies amazing benefits.

In fact, Kim Herman, Operations Manager from Precision Utilities Group said the following:

Your blankets are absolutely excellent. Our crews have been working on some cell tower projects in Michigan this January where it has been extremely cold. The project restricts us from being able to use power tools on the job sites so we were left to figure out how to dig without equipment. We are so glad that we found you guys! Thanks to Powerblanket Extra Hot blankets, we were able to lay them out the day before we needed to dig, and by morning the next day, the ground was thawed out and softened, making it easy to dig and get our job completed much more quickly. In fact, we estimated that your blankets have saved us approximately 10 hours on each site. On ten sites to date, we estimate we have saved approximately $5,000 already! We have already paid off the initial investment of these blankets. When we are looking at thousands of sites, and with the savings we are saving per site, this is huge! We are excited at how much time and money your blankets have saved us and will save us in future.

-Kim Herman

OSP/COEI Operations Manager

Precision Utilities Group

I have worked with Kim for some time now and she tells me often, that when she is on job sites, contractors and other companies ask her about her blankets she’s using and if they work. She lets basically tells them what you just got done reading and they ask her where to buy some for their job functions.  We offer Kim almost all the benefits she needs.

We work with other industries that require even heat distribution and rely on uniform heat which we offer to them without the fear of overheating or burning of material.

Another example is from Eric from a Colorado Energy Company:

Your blankets have been wonderful to work with. Our Totes are outside and have been kept warm and protected from the harsh conditions here in the cold Rocky Mountains. We have loved the functionality of these blankets because they are extremely easy to wrap around our totes, strap shut, plug in, and maintain desired temperature with the thermostatic controllers.

We have not had any issues with your blankets flaking, tearing, or ripping in any way, and have found it beneficial that they are water resistant as well. As the blankets have been prone to getting dirty, due to being outside, we have easily sprayed and wipe them down to help keep them clean and looking new.

We wanted to thank you for assisting us with our heating frustrations and keeping our totes and the material within, warm and protected. You have helped keep our company running efficiently and retaining profit. We love your blankets and would recommend them to anyone.


A Colorado Energy Company

No matter what your company, corporation or industry is, we will find one or more benefits you and your company can profit from. Please give us a call. We are more than happy to talk with you and assist you and your heating needs.

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