The Benefits of Investing in a Custom Tank Heater

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Whether you have oil tanks, water tanks, propane tanks, or tanks that house some sensitive chemical, keeping those tanks, and more importantly, their contents protected through the cold months is essential.



Tank Heaters

The dilemma posed by cold weather on tanks and their contents is no new problem. Traditionally speaking, tank heaters have been around for a while. However, the proper solution to tank maintenance during adverse weather should address the need for a customized approach. Without this, you may be stuck with a one-size-fits-all product that doesn’t actually fit your needs at all.

Common tank-heating solutions can be grouped into two major camps: internal heating elements and external heating or insulating applications. Internal units usually account for built-in or submersible devices that heat the contents of the tank. External applications, on the other hand, account for a range from insulation blankets to band heaters. Both insulation and heating are exactly what one needs to keep their tank from being effected by the cold. Yet, the traditional approaches mentioned here address this fact through separate applications that, most often, fail to work together.

Instead, the proper solution would offer both insulation and evenly-distributed heat throughout the service area of the tank. In industries like Oil & Gas, where tanks are used for a myriad of purposes, it’s important to have customizable product lines for the variance you may have in temperature-regulation requirements. In other words, you won’t need the same temperature applied to a water tank as you would to an oil tank


The Benefits of Investing in a Custom Tank Heater 2

Powerblanket® Tank Heaters

Powerblanket® heating solutions are just that—solutions. Though we offer popular pre-made products for common applications, we also ensure that we can customize our products to offer the proper solution to all the industries we serve. So regardless of what size or shape your tank is, Powerblanket® can cover it.

Our heating solutions offer both insulation qualities and evenly-distributed heat throughout the surface area of the blanket. This means that your tank is both protected from the cold as well as heated from every side. With Powerblanket® patented technology, you get a channeled heat flow that is unparalleled by traditional heat-tracing methods.

Along with all this, Powerblanket® products are also certifiably safe—manufactured under CID2 (Class I Division 2) requirements.

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