How Can I Evenly Cure My Epoxy Without Burning It?

When it comes to curing epoxy, nothing is more important than a constant and uniform heat distribution. With a proper cure, you ensure the integrity and strength of your product. When epoxies are properly cured, they will become solid.

Temperature Influence in Epoxy Curing

The picture below is a good example of how epoxy cures depending on heat and time.Epoxy curing graph

An uneven cure of epoxy can have several negative consequences, including:

  • Discoloration/Yellowing
  • Color Variation
  • Blushing
  • Uneven Gloss
  • Poor Inter-Coat Adhesion

9 Things to consider in an Epoxy Heating/Curing Solution

  1. Even Heat: Prevent uneven gloss and poor inter-coat adhesion by finding a solution that evenly heats over the entire surface area.
  2. Hold the Temperature: Find a heating solution that will maintain the proper application temperature. The warmer the resin and hardener, the lower the viscosity.
  3. Meet Your Needs: Find a customizable heating solution that will properly fit the size and shape of your application to maintain maximum control. A cool epoxy is more difficult to meter and combine with the resin and hardener.
  4. High Quality: Ensure less maintenance downtime by finding a heating product with a track record of performance.
  5. Viscosity: Ensure that the epoxy resin and hardener will flow through dispensing pumps easily by maintaining the appropriate heat.
  6. Maintain the Mix: Ensure more cross-linking by warming the materials while mixing to initiate a better chemical reaction.
  7. No Air: Prevent air bubble entrapment and safeguard the strength and effectiveness of the epoxy by having the right heating solution.
  8. Keep it Clean: Prevent contamination by not using Kerosene or propane heaters since they can inhibit the cure as well as contaminate epoxy surfaces.
  9. Stay Solid: Prevent under-curing, as it can cause delaminations and product failures by finding an evenly heated and temperature-controlled solution.

Powerblanket Curing Solutions

It’s obvious that temperature control plays a huge role in epoxy curing. Staying in charge of the influence that temperature has on the curing process is the difference between a successful cure or wasted time and material.

Powerblanket supplies the best epoxy adhesive and resin temperature equipment on the market. You can find more about epoxy curing solutions here.

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