Heat Chemicals Safely

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Heating chemicals can provide a great challenge. Because each chemical varies in temperature sensitivity, it is very important to understand how to properly handle each and every chemical mixture you use.

How To Heat Chemicals Safely

Chemistry lab safety

1. Educate Yourself

Firstly, start off by educating yourself and read through your chemicals’ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). A MSDS is a highly detailed document that contains information on the safety hazards associated with particular chemicals. Here you can find information on different flash points, boiling points, and how to safely store and handle chemicals. It will also list overexposure symptoms, and prepare you for potential chemistry emergencies.

2. Pick the Correct Heating Method

Some heating methods are safe to use on certain chemicals, and potentially dangerous to use on others. By using the information in the MSDS, you can also know which heating method and temperature ranges are best for your application. Possible heating methods include:

  • Steam Bath
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Hot Water Bath
  • Sand Bath
  • Oil Bath
  • Hot Plate
  • Heating Mantle
  • Heating Blankets

3. Know Your Container

Some containers are not equipped to handle process heating. When you are heating small batches, ensure that each piece of chemistry lab equipment you use is safe to heat. Again, when heating small chemical batches, always make sure the container’s opening (test tube, beaker, etc.) is pointed away from your face.

Most glass, plastic, or metal containers are marked with information to warn users of the dangers of using certain heat sources. When heating large containers (buckets, drums, or totes) of chemicals, ensure you are complying with the heating guidelines of the container as well as the materials inside.

4. Gear Up

Next, be sure to equip yourself with the appropriate safety gear. Protect your eyes, hands, respiratory system, and clothing with the equipment recommended for the particular chemicals you will be handling.

5. Prep The Area

Clear the area of other potential hazards and combustibles. Ensure your work-space is free of items that can create trip hazards as well. Additionally, for electric heat sources, use an electrical outlet equipped to handle the power demands of the heating method you are using. You must also follow ventilation guidelines for the chemical you are working with to keep your airspace safe.

6. Heat Gradually and Uniformly

Introducing any chemical substance to sudden temperature changes is extremely dangerous. When heating chemicals in small or large batches, you should introduce heat gradually and evenly to your desired temperature. Be aware of your temperature ranges to avoid overheating, which can be dangerous as well as destructive and wasteful.

Powerblanket Chemical Heating Solutions

Here at Powerblanket, we specialize in total chemical temperature control. We offer many efficient chemical heating solutions that provide you with safe, gradual, and even temperature control.

Bucket and Drum Heaters

Not all bucket and drum heaters are created equal. For instance, conventional band heaters for storage buckets and drums create unsafe hot-spots. Powerblanket’s bucket and drum heaters distribute heat evenly and consistently over the entire surface. Our heating blankets maintain optimal viscosity and flow, while avoiding dangerous and costly burning or scorching.

Tote Heaters

For even larger chemical storage containers like poly or steel IBC totes, Powerblanket has exactly what you need. Because our tote heaters are specially sized to fit perfectly, you can maximize surface contact over the entire tote.

Hot Box Heaters

Heating multiple containers of varying sizes and shapes is no problem for Powerblanket. Our Hot Box Heaters safely and evenly heat everything stored within. They are very easy to assemble, operate,  disassemble, and store for future use.

Smart Controllers

Take even greater control of your chemical heating with Powerblanket’s temperature controllers. Our Beacon smart controllers give you the power to automate, remotely control, and monitor your valuable chemicals and equipment. In addition, Beacon can help you monitor and control your heating schedules, temperature ranges, and even set alerts and notifications. Eliminate the guesswork and risk of heating chemicals by using a Beacon Smart Controller to keep systems operating safely and efficiently.

Hazardous Certifications

Powerblanket also offers customized chemical heating solutions for hazardous locations. Where flammable chemicals are present, open flame and spark producing equipment should not be used. We provide C1D2 certified heating blankets that meet the National Electric Safety Code specifications. Rest assured that with Powerblanket, you are using the safest chemical heating solutions possible.

Contact us today to find the perfect chemical heating solutions for your needs at 866.945.4203 or [email protected]

Curious to see how Powerblanket can meet the unique needs of your industry?

Drum Insulation Blanket

Drum Insulation Blankets
Drum Blanket strapped onto drum with powerblanket logoFrom foods to a variety of chemicals and epoxies or resins, proper storage of your industrial materials is important. Without the right storage conditions, the quality of materials is compromised, leading to lost money on wasted products and ineffective heating methods.


There are a few heating methods for drums and barrels, but some will end up causing you more of a headache. Drums hold a lot of product and offer a durable storage structure for liquids, chemicals, food product, and more. However, when it comes time for temperature regulation, they don’t provide any capabilities on their own. 

Traditional insulation blankets lack the ability to bring your material to working temperature, in addition to inadequately protecting against the savage cold. Take, for example, the need to bring certain types of product to temperatures above the ambient air around it. A typical insulation blanket has no way to accommodate this. 

While cartridge heaters are also an option, they can be a lot more work. Cartridge heaters heat a small area, require precise tolerances for drilled holes and need additional exterior insulation. They are used most often for molds or metal parts and inserted into drilled holes. Heating from the inside works well for some applications, but uneven heat is a common issue for cartridge heaters.

Man wrapping industrial heating blanket around blue drum/barrelHowever, Powerblanket has created a drum blanket that can protect your most sensitive products against the coldest cold. With a thermostatic controller and innovative heat-spreading technology, you can wrap your drum and forget about it.


Of all the heating devices out there for the protection of drums and barrels, this drum blanket is one that’s done right. With even heat distribution and temperature regulation, Powerblanket has a solution fit for any occasion. 

Freeze Protection

Wrap anything in a Powerblanket drum heater and you’ll never use another band heater or blower again. Powerblanket heated drum blankets takes the hassle out of heating your barrels & totes with an insulated barrier of warmth from top to bottom. They offer a full-wrap, insulated design for superior control and freeze protection. This ensures that there is even heat distribution, preventing hot and cold spots that could be damaging to your material. You also have multiple sizes & temperature settings to choose from.

Improve Viscosity and Flow

Storing material in freezing weather can result in higher viscosity, while hot spots creates lower viscosity, resulting in increased flow. Improper storage and heating methods can be especially problematic for temperature-sensitive material. If it becomes too hot or cold, it be very time-consuming to achieve required viscosity again, and may completely ruin certain materials. Viscosity issues can cause a multitude of problems with productivity and money.

The ability to automate your freeze protection is a huge benefit once the cold weather rolls around, and the capability of bringing liquids and other products to higher temperatures for viscosity maintenance, chemical-property enablement, or characteristic integrity is of equal importance. Heating sensitive materials has never been easier with drum blankets, available in fixed temperature or adjustable control.

Other Highlighted Features 

– Quickly heat both metal & poly drums and totes

– Easy to power, connects in seconds

– Protects delicate materials from freezing

– Ideal for heating foods, oils, chemicals, water, and paints

– Keeps the heat in – and the cold out!

– 10X more effective than a band heater or blower

– Water resistant

– Safe for indoor use 

– UL / CSA compliant

Powerblanket drum blankets offer a range of options to best suit your needs. They are available in three sizes from 15 gallon to 55 gallon, as well as three product classes for your required level of temperature control.

Whatever industry you are in, protecting your materials is vital. Proper storage conditions that you don’t have to think twice about makes it easier for you to focus on other aspects of your business. Check out more benefits of Powerblanket’s drum heaters here. Whether you need a drum blanket for insulation, heat regulation, or a combination of the two, Powerblanket is the clear answer.

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