Powerblanket Offers Tote Heaters to Warm Temperature-Sensitive Materials

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Powerblanket Offers Tote Heaters to Warm Temperature-Sensitive Materials 1SALT LAKE CITY — Powerblanket’s line of flexible, wrap-around tote heaters are ideal for warming IBC totes and other portable bulk containers. Utilizing patented GreenHeat Technology, the tote wraps create a barrier of heat around the tote to insulate and protect a wide variety of temperature-sensitive materials.

GreenHeat Technology is a revolutionary heat spreading system that is designed to provide a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while only consuming low levels of energy in a multitude of applications. The technology allows totes to be rapidly and consistently warmed without creating the hot and cold spots common with competitive products.

These lightweight blankets are easily secured with adjustable nylon straps that provide a snug fit to maximize heating performance. Powerblanket tote heaters are safe to use on both metal and plastic containers, and help maintain flow, viscosity and workability. Each blanket’s durable outer shell is winter-proof and water resistant.

The tote heaters are manufactured and certified to UL/CSA safety standards, as well as GreenHeat Technology environmental standards. Two available sizes, 275 and 330 gallons, fit most industry standard totes. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Each tote heater is powered by 120V electricity and includes an adjustable thermostat controller.

Powerblanket provides superior heating solutions for a multitude of applications, including ground thawing, concrete curing, industrial and manufacturing temperature control, oil field services and many more. For more information, contact Powerblanket, 1997 South 5070 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, call 877-642-5241 in the U.S. or 403-262-5770 in Canada, fax 801-601-2222, send an e-mail to [email protected], or visit the company’s website at www.powerblanket.com.

Powerblanket Offers Tote Heaters to Warm Temperature-Sensitive Materials 2

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