Biomed Cooling

The Biomed Industry is one where temperature control is a must. Keeping pharmaceuticals, equipment, and other materials and liquids at the proper temperature is imperative to their longevity, safety, and efficacy. If you work in the biomed realm, then you know how important this is. Yet as imperative as biomed cooling solutions are, they’re usually rather expensive and limiting. Until now, that is.


Biomed Cooling SolutionsPowerblanket ICE: Biomed Cooling Solutions at Their Best

With Powerblanket ICE cooling solutions, you can keep bulk materials and equipment cool and safe indefinitely. From vaccines to pharmaceuticals, from fluids to temperature-sensitive equipment, Powerblanket ICE biomed cooling solutions can keep your materials at the proper temperature, even when the ambient environment is hot.

Powerblanket ICE differs from other expensive cooling systems because it allows the user to cool supplies and equipment in the same units used to store them. Custom cooling solutions allow for bulk cooling at any size, instead of being limited to the size of your refrigerator system. Powerblanket ICE comes in three different cooling levels. Depending on the temperature needs of your products and equipment, Powerblanket has a solution for it.


Benefits of Powerblanket ICE Biomed Cooling Systems:

  • Protect your storage from overheating, avoiding the cost associated with spoiled supplies and equipment.
  • Increase operational efficiency and safety by keeping stored products at the proper temperature.
  • Maintain the valuable and necessary characteristics of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and lab equipment.


Powerblanket ICE Features:

  • The Powerblanket ICE cooler jacket uses Powerblanket patented technology to draw heat away from the container while simultaneously cooling the contents inside.
  • Each cooler covers and insulates with a durable and easy-to-use system, allowing you to limit costs by cooling contents in storage containers, rather than using expensive refrigerant systems.
  • Powerblanket ICE cooling systems are portable and easy to install and uninstall.
  • The Powerblanket ICE coolers allow you to control the temperature of your materials and equipment with ease and efficiency.
  • Each cooler can be left installed and running while material containers are in use, making accessibility easy and unencumbered.


Powerblanket ICE Cooling Systems:


Ice Pack Cooler System

  • Lower cost option
  • Ice packs included (replacements readily available)
  • Portable
  • Temperature can be controlled by ice pack count


Cooler Driven System

  • 32° F min temp – lower temps with use of salt or other freeze point modifiers
  • 40 lbs. of ice can maintain 55° F for 9-10 hrs. in >100° F ambient temperatures
  • Use with or without controller (controls circulation only)


Chiller Driven System

  • 20° F min temp
  • Precise temp control
  • Can run 2 – 55 gallon drum blankets or equivalent