Meet the Keg Cooler from North Slope Chillers and Powerblanket. With internal pockets that place the ice directly against the surface of your container, the Keg Cooler is an affordable option for temperature control. This blanket is insulated, ensuring ice packs will last longer than ice alone and longer than other non-insulated options on the market. Simply freeze your ice packs, wrap your keg, and get on the road.

Temperature control is critical to beer from the moment it’s finished being brewed. With a white vinyl finish to repel heat from sunlight and insulated layering, Keg Coolers draw heat away from the container to ensure beer stays at a set temperature. Portable and easy to use, the Keg Cooler is essential for every brewer.

  • 3 days in the trunk of a hot car (32°C/90°F),
  • 30 days at room temperature (22°C/71°F), and
  • 300 days in the refrigerator (0°C/32°F).”  Which means you have almost an entire year to drink that can of pasteurized beer before it goes bad!
Model # Temperature Control Heated Dimensions Finished Dimensions Heated Area Plug Type AC Voltage Nominal Power Nominal Amperage Approximate Weight/Mass
PBICEKEGIP 12 pockets designed for ice packs (12 ice packs included) N/A 65.75" L x 26.25" W N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 lbs

The Affordable & Perfect Solution For Keeping Your Beer Keg Cold Up to 12 Hours

As you may know, heat is one of beer’s big enemies. It can promote oxidation, which is what happens when natural compounds within the beer react with oxygen leading to off flavors in your beer. Heat can also result in flavor loss altogether, creating a bland product that is in no way reflective of the beer in its original state.

Whether you are a professional caterer or are just throwing an outdoor party for your friends, keeping your beer cold is critical to the success of your event. Ideally, beer will be served between 40 and 50 degrees F, but keeping beer cold on a hot summer day can be a challenge. Fortunately, even on the hottest summer days, the Powerblanket ICE insulated keg cooling blanket can keep a cold keg of beer below 50 F for up to twelve hours without ever having to change the ice packs.

Temperature is by far the most important issue when it comes to dispensing keg draft beer. Almost all draft beer problems are temperature related. Most draft beer brewed in the U.S. is not pasteurized, so it must be kept cold, which can be tough to do on a hot summer day.


Temperatures even half a degree above 38 F will cause CO2 to break out of the beer and result in foam and promote sour/cloudy beer. When temperature rises above 50-55 F, bacteria growth rapidly begins to spoil flavor and cloud the beer.

Temperature, you see, has a profound effect on our taste buds. The chemical compounds that are responsible for the myriad aromas and flavors we love in our beer are variously activated and suppressed according to temperature.

Powerblanket Controlled Experiment - Beer Temperature vs Time

We even ran a controlled experiment so you can see the data on the graph below for yourself. We started with a 40 F keg of beer. We wrapped the Powerblanket ICE insulated keg cooling blanket around the keg, placed it inside a 95 F environmental chamber and recorded the beer’s temperature for 24 hours. After 6 hours the beer was 43 F and had only increased 3 degrees, and after 12 hours the temperature had only increased 10 degrees to 50 F, which is still considered optimal temperature for consuming beer.

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