Updates to the Powerblanket Heartwarmer

Radiate warmth and beauty wherever it may be lacking with a Heartwarmer.  Introduced by Powerblanket in 2015, the Heartwarmer now boasts updates for 2016.


True Story:

Gary Leaming is the Safety Manager of Sufco coal mine in south central Utah.  Just outside the opening of the coal mine, his office is located on the main floor of the primary office building.  For years his office has been colder than is comfortable during the winter months.  Many have tried to remedy this situation, but the circulation is poor, the building is old, and it is in the mountains—the chips are stacked against him.  He has never really complained; it is what it is.  An extra jacket helps him go about his day; however, since Father’s Day, the climate in Gary’s office is noticeably different.  He received a Powerblankt Heartwarmer and now enjoys a beautiful view of Fenway Park (he’s an incurable Red Sox fan) and the comfortable warmth generated by the radiant heat of his new Heartwarmer.


Powerblanket introduced heated art winter 2015.  These works of art are safe, efficient, and reliable heat sources that use the same technology behind the Powerblanket itself.


Powerblanket Heartwarmers:

  • 500-1000 watts of radiant warmth (able to heat an entire room)
  • Ideal for a bedroom or an office
  • A safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to space heaters
  • Radiant heat technology (more efficient than forced air)
  • Customizable- send us your favorite artwork for a custom heated art project
  • The perfect gift

2016 Updates

  • Removable image Change up your décor without losing the benefit of the warmth.  Purchase new images to fit your Heartwarmer frame without having to replace the whole unit.
  • Detachable cord. When you aren’t using the warming function, remove the cord until the cold returns.

Heat your space with beautiful, safe, and efficient artwork.  Contact Powerblanket today for more information:  888.316.6324