Grave Digger Solutions: Unthawing cold ground with Powerblanket

North America experiences a variety of weather patterns during the winter months. However, most of the continent will undergo cold enough temperatures that freeze the upper layers of ground soil.

This can be highly problematic for those needing to dig into the ground during the winter. Projects that normally take a few hours worth of digging now takes days to unthaw and break through the frozen topsoil.

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Powerblanket’s Ground Thawing Blankets were essential in saving the Hailey Cemetery time and money during the Idaho Winter of 2017. Wayne Burke, maintenance supervisor for the cemetery, said that winter was colder and less wet than years previous, causing the soil to freeze much deeper than normal.

“There’s usually six inches of snow on the ground,” Burke said, adding that the snow acts as a layer of insulation, preventing the ground from freezing as much. “It always worked out great. But last year it got really cold and there was no snow.”

Burke knew he needed solutions fast to meet the demand of the cemetery’s burial service schedule. He reached out to Powerblanket, and within two days of ordering, received his Ground Thawing Blanket.

“You guys sent it just in time. I used it the first day, and only had it on for 12 hours. It still worked,” he said. “A few weeks later, I needed it again. We also loaned it to another cemetery and they were really happy with how it worked too.”

In years prior Burke said he used propane torches to thaw the soil before digging. In addition, the cemetery landscaping had to be torn up and replaced after each dig.

“It worked perfect,” he said. “It thawed about 14 inches down into the ground. The grass greened up and I was able to cut it up into strips and roll it up. The sod was in good shape and I stored it in our garage. After the burial we put the dirt back in a rolled the sod back out. Normally we tear the sod up and throw it away and replant it in the springtime.”

Burke said the Ground Thawing Blanket was exactly what he needed to break through the tough winter soil, saving him hours of manual labor and nearly $100 in landscaping.

“I was really happy with it, and we’ll be using it again this year,” he said.

Updates to the Powerblanket Heartwarmer

Radiate warmth and beauty wherever it may be lacking with a Heartwarmer.  Introduced by Powerblanket in 2015, the Heartwarmer now boasts updates for 2016.


True Story:

Gary Leaming is the Safety Manager of Sufco coal mine in south central Utah.  Just outside the opening of the coal mine, his office is located on the main floor of the primary office building.  For years his office has been colder than is comfortable during the winter months.  Many have tried to remedy this situation, but the circulation is poor, the building is old, and it is in the mountains—the chips are stacked against him.  He has never really complained; it is what it is.  An extra jacket helps him go about his day; however, since Father’s Day, the climate in Gary’s office is noticeably different.  He received a Powerblankt Heartwarmer and now enjoys a beautiful view of Fenway Park (he’s an incurable Red Sox fan) and the comfortable warmth generated by the radiant heat of his new Heartwarmer.


Powerblanket introduced heated art winter 2015.  These works of art are safe, efficient, and reliable heat sources that use the same technology behind the Powerblanket itself.


Powerblanket Heartwarmers:

  • 500-1000 watts of radiant warmth (able to heat an entire room)
  • Ideal for a bedroom or an office
  • A safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to space heaters
  • Radiant heat technology (more efficient than forced air)
  • Customizable- send us your favorite artwork for a custom heated art project
  • The perfect gift

2016 Updates

  • Removable image Change up your décor without losing the benefit of the warmth.  Purchase new images to fit your Heartwarmer frame without having to replace the whole unit.
  • Detachable cord. When you aren’t using the warming function, remove the cord until the cold returns.

Heat your space with beautiful, safe, and efficient artwork.  Contact Powerblanket today for more information:  888.316.6324

Powerblanket Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award from UMA

If you haven’t seen this headline somewhere else on the web by now, we’re happy to tell you all about it here. Utah Manufacturers Association recently awarded Powerblanket something we’re pretty happy about. Read on to learn more about the UMA Manufacturer of the Year Award.


Brent Reddekopp  receiving UMA Award for PowerblanketUMA and Manufacturer of the Year

Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA), recently awarded Powerblanket the prestigious award  of Manufacturer of the Year. This award is given annually to the Utah-based manufacturer that proves to be the most innovative contributor to their space. There’s even more to it than this, but we’ll get to that.

UMA has been around since 1905. The organization prides itself on offering the “voice of industry” in the state of Utah, and they’ve been doing so for over 107 years now. UMA has clearly been talking Utah economy for a long time, but talking isn’t all they do. UMA is a trade association, and their goal is to enhance and improve the business climate in the state. UMA doesn’t only offer insight and expertise in the business of manufacturing, but the organization also has considerable experience in the legislative processes of state government. This is how they can do so much to vie for the interests of Utah businesses and the overall economic prosperity of the state.

UMA’s Manufacturer of the Year Award embodies the mission of UMA in multiple ways. By awarding the company that not only proves innovative in their respective markets, but also offers leadership in their industry, UMA’s award encourages and rewards the same idealism by which their organization operates. Powerblanket was chosen to receive this award for 2015, based on the embodiment of these characteristics and more. In fact, why don’t we just give it to you in their own words. According to UMA, Powerblanket received the award “for their outstanding performance in operational excellence, economic achievement, workplace safety, community outreach, and fidelity to the principles of free enterprise.”

Powerblanket is honored to receive such accolades from a high quality establishment like UMA. The credibility of UMA and the Manufacturer of the Year Award lends a great addition to our own image and ethos as a company devoted to “operational excellence, economic achievement, workplace safety, community outreach, and fidelity to the principles of free enterprise.”

So, from all of us here at Powerblanket, thank you, UMA for this great privilege.


Heated Art from Powerblanket

That’s right, heated art. If you’re not familiar with it, we’re not surprised. In fact, we’d only be surprise if you knew what it was, because it’s an entirely new concept, straight from the brains here at Powerblanket.


heated art space heaterHeated Art?

If the name leaves room for explanation, that’s alright. That’s exactly what we plan to do here. In the next couple paragraphs, the term “heated art” will seem all too obvious and familiar. Imagine this, if you will: your favorite art hangs on the wall in your office, adding a metaphoric warmth to your room. Actually, the essence and beauty of it almost seems to add real warmth to the space around you. Well, almost wasn’t good enough for us, so we took it one step further.

Now, imagine that same artwork providing real warmth to your room. How on earth is that possible, you ask? Through radiant heat and Powerblanket’s patented blend technologies, that’s how. You see, Powerblanket is using the same technology behind our industrial heating solutions to provide heat in another space. With Powerblanket’s safe and reliable heat distribution technology behind favorite artwork, you can add heat to an entire room safely, efficiently, and asthletically.

When the furnace just isn’t quite enough, people often resort to using space heaters to add additional warmth to a specific area in their home or office. But space heaters take up room on the floor, and cause a potential hazard in more ways than one. For this reason, many employers won’t even allow them to be used in their buildings, and you don’t want them around in your home either.

Powerblanket heated art steps in to solve this dilemma and more. Not only is our heated art safer, it’s more efficient too. It’s well known fact that radiating heat works better than blowing it. Forced-air heating elements like space heaters add warmth less efficiently than radiant heat units. But along with this is the simple fact that space heaters are nowhere near as nice looking as Powerblanket heated art. To be quite frank, a space heater is an eyesore.

On the other hand, Powerblanket heated art allows you to add warmth and beauty to any space. With a wide range of preselected artwork to choose from, you can find something to complement any room in your home or your office space. Additionally, you can also send us your favorite artwork for a custom heated art project. Either way you approach it, you’ll be glad you’ve taken this route over any other.


Powerblanket Heated Art offers:

  • 500-1000 watts of radiant warmth (able to heat an entire room)
  • Ideal for a bedroom or an office
  • A safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to space heaters
  • Radiant heat technology (more efficient than forced air)
  • The perfect holiday gift


Heat your space with beautiful, safe, and efficient heated art this season, and all in time for Christmas too. Reach out to us today to learn more (a.316.6324).